I co-founded in 2014 a small community about Virtual Reality technology. Meant to create projects, to share knowledge and resources, the community grew under the shape of a non-profit.

Today, the organisation isn’t growing anymore, and we have troubles pushing informations to members, and getting information from them. I decided to start the ambitious project of improving communications inside the organisation and allowing creativity and initiatives from everyone.

What is

Virtual Association

Virtual Association is a French non-profit organisation based in Paris and passionate about virtual reality. The organisation gathers professionals and amateurs willing to expand their knowledge around this technology.

To the public, the organisation presents demos, and organises Meetups, hackathon and game jams. Almost everything the association provides comes for free to public. Members are willing to pay to be part of the community, to get help on projects or to grow their professional network and never miss an event.

Unfortunately, a small number of member make the effort after the online subscription to come in person to meet the organisers at a evening. It is very hard to know what people want from the organisation and to find some solution for them.


birth date


annual members


Events per years


Membership fee

The Challenge

How to improve communication and sense of belonging to the community, so we empower each member of the organisation ?


1 – Gather our different communication channels in one place, without trying to replace any of them

2  – Make it easy to share an idea or a project, and get updates. For every member, everywhere.

3 – Get a deeper engagement from members

My role as

One-person team

I felt like this projects needed to be tackled, we couldn't manage o start it as a group, so I decided to give it a try by myself. As a co-founder of the association, I have a deep knowledge. I am aware this is a huge biais.

But the problem is real : Virtual Association members don't know what’s happening, how to get help on their personal projects, or how to contribute. Ideas of new events or projects get lost because members don’t know how to share them to whoever decide in the organisation. So Virtual Association board tries to make it easier for every member to feel that they belong in this community. Our dream is to create a place for sharing initiatives that would make members willing to engage more.

First Insights

To have qualitative insights, I started to digg into our registration forms where every new comer, after stating his name, mail and job, has to answer : “Why do you want to join Virtual Association ?”

Between September 2017 and March 2018, we have 62 subscriptions. I tagged each entry by analyzing the main motivation stated, I tried to remain as objective as I could, but this process is more interpretation than scientific analysis. This gaves us a idea of needs and their occurence.

Initial Interviews

At the end of last years we interviewed our members to see what was their feeling about the organisation and their satisfaction towards it. Here are some extracted representative verbatim.

[Translated] "I like the meetups that can deepen certain topics, it is a good source of information and it allows to meet the world or startups"

[Translated ] "I think it would be nice for the association to focus more on people who want to discover, enjoy VR and test things without creating content."
[Translated] "In the asso, I want to discover other uses, other apps, with meetups and events, maybe do a little dev if a project I like."

[Translated] "When it comes to content creation, some people are afraid to get into a project and you have to accompany people somehow."

First Rough Prototype

From an empathy map and a first information architecture, we drafted smartphone screens and showed it to some members. Feedbacks were positive so we went on with this idea.

Experience Map

Our Proposal

The Hub

A friendly mobile and web interface, to know everything that is happening in Virtual Association and to allow member to become actors of the organisation. We called it the Hub !
Based on our target user, we build a small scenario around the subscription and first contact as a member. We came up with the following user journey.

Introducing The Hub



Event Detail



Real user's


Tested online, sorry it's in French