I love to describe myself as a Creative Engineer. « Creative » alone nor « Engineer » alone describes what I do. A long time ago, someone told me that I was meant to humanize sciences. Today, to my surprise, I tend to agree with that definition. I started to study sciences, and now I add creative skills and methods to that background.

Achievements & Key Moments

2018 – Paris Habitat Datathon – 3rd prize and special prize of the jury

Concept of tool to ease the social housing application process

2017 – Jury for Les Gobelins design school – Master UX Manager / MICNI
2017 – Jury for STRATE design school – Master Interactive Design
2016 – Gesture Interface System Patent

Natural and touch-less screen interaction Patent Number WO2016166902

2015 – Award Excellencia – « Digital Woman », volunteer in a digital organization

The Excellencia Award promotes digital role model to young ladies to overcome stereotypes.

2015 – Virtual Reality Demo at Futur En Seine

Demo of the Rakuten Virtual Boutique, an anticipation prototype about what could be the future of shopping in virtual reality.

2014 – Co-Founder of Virtual Association

Virtual Association is a non-profit organisation that aims to share knowledge and to organise social events around the fields of immersive technologies (VR / AR /MR / XR).


2017 – ECEC – Current trends and future vision of Virtual Reality

2017 – Tsukuba Global Science Week – Guest Speaker

2017 – Bizz&Buzz – E-commerce in Virtual Reality

2016 – Laval Virtual Days – E-commerce in Virtual Reality

2016 – Virtual Meetup #2 – How to innovate with virtual reality ?

2016 – Laval Virtual – Current and future trends around Virtual Reality

2016 – Virtual Meetup #1 – Vision Summit Conference Highlights