I am UX Designer and Developer.

My Work

As UX Designer

I have several year of experience working in an international innovation team. My job was to design cutting edge technology and try to find product out of prototypes. Recently, I also have been participating in hackathons.

Most recent projects :


Les 2 et 3 Juillet se tenait un Datathon organisé par le bailleur social Paris Habitat. Je ne connaissais ni Paris Habitat ni le concept de Datathon, mais ayant moi-même fait l’expérience de la demande de logement social, je savais qu’il y…

Le Hub

I co-founded in 2014 a small community about Virtual Reality technology. Meant to create projects, to share knowledge and resources, the community grew under the shape of a non-profit.

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Blog will comeback soon, sorry !


Hi, I’m Cecilia, a designer and developer based in Paris.

I am currently working as HCI Developer and Innovation Designer inside the Rakuten Institute of Technology. Specialized in virtual reality and immersive technology, I have developed several projects in that field and had the opportunity to give a few talks to share my knowledge.

I co-founded in 2014 the Virtual Association, a french non-profit organization dedicated to sharing knowledge and organizing social events around immersive techs. Learn more at virtualassociation.fr (sorry, website in French !).Apart my passion for VR, I also love to travel.

My next adventure will be around sustainability, and playful solutions to create  a different society.

Thanks for reading !